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Before the Worship Service…

Be on Time!
It is expected that acolytes arrive awake, alert, and on time. Acolytes must arrive no later than: Fifteen minutes prior to worship.

Ten minutes before the service:
Put on your robe.
Five minutes before the service:
Light the candles.

Arriving late may forfeit your opportunity to be an acolyte because a substitute may have already been found to replace you.

As an acolyte, you are assisting in the leadership of our worship service. Good personal hygiene is necessary, i.e. hair is to be combed, hands and fingernails are to be clean, and clothing must be appropriate. Do not wear the following: shorts, jeans, sandals or flip flops, t-shirts, or frayed clothing. Consider wearing shoes that look neat. Tennis shoes are not encouraged. Gum chewing is not allowed.

Robe Room
When you arrive, find an alb (white robe) that fits slightly above your ankle. Place a cincture (roped belt found on the wall) around your waist. Make sure that it is an appropriate length.

The Worship Service…
After lighting the candles the Crucifer and Bible Bearer should be ready in the Narthex. In most circumstances, pastor will meet you to begin the Procession.

The Crucifer will lead the Processional at the beginning of the first stanza of the opening hymn. Walk steadily, but not too fast! Remember to hold the Cross above the ground, but watch out for the ceiling in the back of the Nave! As you grip the Cross, the back of your top hand should face you while the back of your bottom hand faces the altar.

When the Crucifer reaches the altar, turn around and face the congregation. When the last person in the procession has passed, the Crucifer turns to place the Cross in the stand located near the altar.

The Bible Bearer will follow two pews behind the Crucifer. The choir and/or pastor will follow the Bible Bearer. The Bible Bearer will pause briefly at the Cross at the top of the stairs, turn to place the Bible on the Lectern (opened to the OT lesson), and be seated.

The Recessional symbolizes the Word going out with us into the world. At the beginning of the recessional hymn the Crucifer will take the Cross and stand at the top of the Chancel steps. The Bible Bearer will take the Bible and stand behind the Crucifer. At the beginning of the second sung verse the Crucifer will lead the Recessional. The choir may follow.
The pastors will recess last.

Once the Crucifer has reached the rear of the Nave he/she turns around to face the congregation until the pastor concludes with the Sending.

Following the Worship Service…
Following the worship service carefully carry the Cross and the Bible back to the Sanctuary. The Cross may go back into the stand and the Bible can be returned to the lectern. Neatly place your alb on a hanger and hang your cincture on the wall.

Go in peace and serve the Lord! Thank you.

Things to Consider…
Mistakes happen.  If it happens to you, just roll with it. Do not make a mistake worse by drawing attention to yourself.

Smile! Everyone appreciates a joyful worship leader. Let everyone know how good it is to be in worship. This is part of your leadership.

Ask questions. If you forget how to do something or need some help, please ask one of the pastors or another adult.

Follow along in the service. As a worship leader, you should have a bulletin and hymnal in hand. Sing along with the hymns!

Have fun! 

Acolyte Information