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Memorial Funds

Memorials are money given to the church in honor or memory of an individual or family. We have two types of memorial funds, Designated and Undesignated.

Designated Funds are for a named group or type of purchase and can only be used for that. Some examples of the designated funds are: Administration / Office, Education, Events, Music, Service / Outreach, Technology, Worship, Youth. When items are needed by any group or project that meets the designated criteria, we use the money allocated to purchase the items, or help to defer the costs. Moneys that have been allocated to a specific project, but not spent within two years of the designation, maybe reallocated at the discretion of the Memorial Committee to another project if the original project is not going to be completed.

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Undesignated Funds are cared for just like the Designated Funds, however, when given to us, the use for these funds was not specified. We have more flexibility in disbursing them - which also means that the fund amount fluxes widely. The funds are available on a first come, first serve basis, and need to be applied for. The Memorial Committee has full responsibility on the disbursement of the funds, and proof of need is required. The funds are not used to help individual members, but to help various church groups or committees with their programs or projects that may not be covered in the general budget.

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Memorial Committee