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Zion Lutheran Church

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Our Values

Youth – that we work to involve people of ages in all of the ministry of Zion and to build a community that seeks to raise caring and responsible children and adolescents.

Community Involvement – we encourage the members of Zion to live out their faith in the community they reside in so that these commmunities advocate the values of the Christian faith.

Spiritual Growth – we seek to offer opportunities that lead the members of Zion to grow in their relationship with God.

Volunteerism – we believe that everyone has a gift, which needs to be discovered, developed and deployed in ministry. That our community is stronger when all the members are involved in ministry.

Variety in worship – that our praise of God be done in a variety of ways so as to meet the needs and gifts of all our members and guests

Hospitality – we seek to welcome all people to worship. Learning and ministry.

Holy Week Services

Palm Sunday – 9:00 am
Maundy Thursday – 7:00 pm
Good Friday – 7:00 pm
Easter Sunday – 9:00 am

A Caring Congregation Committed to Sharing Christ's Love with the World

Welcome to Zion Lutheran Church

At Zion Lutheran Church, we offer worship, music, youth programs, education, spiritual formation and service to others. As we seek to expand each of these areas of ministry, we invite you to join us in our celebration of the Christian life.

Find information on music programs, youth events, confirmation, Sunday School, how to become a member and many other opportunities at Zion. As you view our various ministry opportunities, we hope you will gain a positive sense of our enthusiasm and passion.

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Other Programs & Ministries

We hope you enjoy learning about our exciting ministries at Zion Lutheran Church. As you view the various ministry opportunities at Zion we hope you will gain a positive sense of our enthusiasm and passion.